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Finnish Pole Dancing Championships 2012


Hanna Kunnas opened the Finnish Pole Dancing Championships 2012 amateur series  and  I heard the impressed audience gasping: “Oh I had no idea pole dancing is like this!”
I’ve had the pleasure of watching Hanna progress from the first geminis to a captivating performer and all I can say is WOW.

The Finnish Pole Dancing Championships 2012 were held at GoExpo in the Helsinki Exhibition Center on March 3rd. This was only the second time for official Finnish Championships, and it’s been a year and a half since the first contest. In August 2010 the title went to Oona Kivelä – by a wide margin, I might add. But amazing things have happened in the Finnish pole dancing scene since then. Oona has improved tremendously, coming up with new tricks all the time, but so has everybody else. To my knowledge, Heidi Mäki-Ontto, who placed third in the FC, hadn’t even started pole dancing back then! 
The 2010 FC was held at Virgin Oil, a smoky bar if there ever was one, and I thought everyone would be ecstatic about the new, much more public location. Apparently though quite a few contestants didn’t apply at all for “not being inspired by the venue”. And here I thought we wanted to get pole dancing out of smoky bars! Admittedly, light shows were out of the question and from what I’ve heard organizing the contest at the new location wasn’t always easy, but for once we had an audience that didn’t consist solely of proud parents, boyfriends and fellow pole dancers!
Results can be found at the TankoSM web site but in short: Henriikka Roo, who made herself a household name by competing in Finland’s Got Talent!, won, Oona Kivelä was second and, like said, Heidi Mäki-Ontto third. Personally, I didn’t entirely agree on the outcome. I know I’m biased, but I would have placed at least Anne Laakkonen, maybe Anna-Katariina Koponen as well, in the top three. There was a strong emphasis on performance and choreography in the judging criteria, 1/3 each, with only 1/3 on pole technique. I would be happy to see much more emphasis on technique in the national championships. But I guess then we would have to wait for Oona to retire before anyone else could take the title…
There was also an amateur series, which was won by Laura Soikkeli. Rumour has it Laura applied on the very last day before the deadline and was surprised that she even got in. Reality check, girl, you were absolutely superb! 
The only 19-year-old Hulda Rankanen didn’t get a medal today, but she has plenty of time for that. Her solid circus background shows in the best possible way.

The charming Anna-Katariina Koponen could have easily placed in the top-3. “AK” is my ballet and pole teacher and a constant source of inspiration for me.
Henriikka Roo was on fire today and took home the Finnish Championship title. Congratulations Henriikka!

Tervetuloa tankotanssiblogiini! Tankotanssin Suomenmestaruus 2012 ratkottiin GoExpossa Helsingin Messukeskuksessa. Voiton vei liekeissä ollut, Suomen kansalle Talentista tuttu Henriikka Rinne eli Henriikka Roo, jättäen tällä kertaa taakseen edellisen vuoden voittajan Oona Kivelän.

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    • I am fifteen and a daecnr. I want to dance full time and do gymnastics and am very flexible. I can do the splits and get myself into all sorts of weird positions but want to get stronger. I would love to have a pole in my garage, but my mum says our garage roof is too high and doesn’t have a proper roof just planks of wood. Can I not do it?Thanks.


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