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Milan Pole Dance Studio Inno Alla Vita Harlem Shake

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When someone as friendly and warm-hearted as Màrion Crampe gets an idea, those around her seem happy to oblige – Even if she’s asking Hanka Venselaar to shake her booty on a YouTube video. “I just told my students I never do booty-popping of any kind…” Hanka said shaking her head but proceeded to shake her ass nevertheless. Here’s the end result: The Inno Alla Vita Harlem Shake video shot at Milan Pole Dance Studio’s Via Col Di Lana studio. You can’t miss Hanka but can you spot Marion, Laurence Hilsum, Keem Martinez, Manuela Carneiro or Valeria Bonalume? I’m the one in the back on the spinning pole, wearing a black coat and a scarf around my head. Yes, there’s a pole dance all-star Harlem Shake video on YouTube and me and my friend Suvi Anttalainen are in it. Just a regular Friday night.

The Harlem Shake idea was Marion’s and since we were all pole jamming at the MPDS studio anyway, we decided to just go for it. The theme of the jam seemed to be Rainbow Marchenkos, here Marion is helping my friend Suvi into her first Marchenko. I’m a loooong way from doing that move, but as I was watching An Hour with Marion Crampe livestream I realized that I have to stop blaming my unflexible back for everything. To achieve this move you need flexible shoulders and hip flexors as well – Ok, ok, you need Suvi’s or Marion’s beautifully flexible back as well to make it look like this…

Marion Crampe teaching my friend Suvi the Rainbow Marchenko

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